Summertime Vibe Crystals

What Crystals are good for Summer Vibes?
Summer is officially here lighting up our spirit with its long, sunny days and positive vibrations. Everything in nature moves in cycles, including us. We begin the year with winter, a time to restore and go within as we nourish our intuition. Then comes Spring, a time to plant seeds and work hard to bring them into fruition. Following the activity of Spring is Summer, a time to pause and enjoy life as we wait for what we’ve planted to come into full bloom. When the blooming has ended, there is a time of release known as Autumn when we, and nature, prepare for a new cycle.
As the heat of Summer rises, we have a chance to soak up the sunshine and recharge our spirit from the energy we’ve spent in Spring. New projects are well underway, and our job is to hold space for them to flourish. In this pause, we can nurture our patience and connect with what we truly love about life. Summer brings us the Sun Seasons of Cancer; known for self-care, Leo; known for play, and Virgo; known for healing. The astrological energy of Summer grants us permission to stop and smell the roses as we tend to our roots and feed our soul.
In additional to astrological seasons, we can also feel the Summer vibrations through the use of crystals. Crystals are powerful tools, connected to the energy of the Universe. They each vibrate at a specific frequency and can help us tune our own energetic frequency to their channel. You can use crystals in a variety of ways, for many different reasons, including aligning with the vibration of Summer and the cycles of Mother Nature. Below are the top five crystals to help you tune into Summer. Consider these crystals your own energetic source of Vitamin D.                                                            AQUAMARINE, one of the best crystals for summer. Aquamarine has been associated with the soothing properties of the ocean for centuries. In the healing arts, aquamarine is said to help you mellow out and encourage you to go with the flow, which is exactly what you want on a dreamy summer's day.                                    CITRINE, otherwise known as liquid sunshine, brings both positive vibrations and optimism. It has the power to clear away any negative energies within or around you and is one of the few crystals that never needs cleansing. Place some in your kitchen window to amplify the power of the Sun and bring it into your home. If you are feeling a bit down, or not enjoying life to the fullest, grab a few smaller pieces, place them in your pocket or hold them as you meditate to feel the power of the Sun aligning you with your heart’s joy.
SUNSTONE is the equivalent of a ray of sunshine you can hold in your hand. It brings light and warmth to your entire energetic system, sweeping away any darkness or negative vibrations. Consider Sunstone Vitamin C for your soul as it heals and cleanses your aura. Sunstone comes in a variety of forms, including a gemstone quality which you can find in necklaces and bracelets. Wear some or place some in your pocket to encourage an air of playfulness as it awakens your inner child and reminds you that life is meant to be enjoyed.                      CARNELIAN is a stone of pleasure and joy. It is connected to your sacral chakra, or second chakra, which is positioned at the navel. Carnelian has the power to activate this pleasure center, encouraging you to seek activities that feel good to the soul. If you are feeling bored, or stuck in your routine, grab a piece to invite adventure into your life and remind yourself of what a joy it is to be alive. You can also hold this vibrant crystal while meditating or wear some on your hands to bring forth your most creative and passionate self.
ROSE QUARTZ is the stone of unconditional love. It restores your spirit by connecting you with your heart’s joy. Rose Quartz also reminds you to love those around you, which is a key ingredient to your social life as you navigate the heat waves of Summer. Grab a piece if you need a big hug or need to find compassion for those around you. It’s also a great stone to bring about patience in place of frustration. If you’re feeling the summer heat stoking your internal flames, work with Rose Quartz before your fire burns those around you. You can meditate holding this crystal or place some on your forehead while laying down to simmer your flames and remind you that love is more powerful than even the Sun.

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